Change One Thing…Enjoy Many Rewards

There are givens in life that we cannot change, such as our boss’s mood, the traffic on our way home, our partner’s behavior.

There are also things that we can change…our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Are you one of many people who are stuck and overwhelmed at the idea that there are too many things that need to change in order to feel better?

Change one thing at a time. Do one thing different each day, each week or each month.


By the time Annette arrived home from work each evening, she was a nervous wreck from deadlines at work, the commute home and the anticipation of her family’s demands. She was stuck in the feeling that she had no control over these things, although these things seem to be controlling her and affecting her mood, her work performance, her interactions with family, she was having difficulty sleeping and was having frequent headaches.
After trying the internal dialogue, Annette stopped fighting against it and practiced rolling with it — changing one thing (that was within her control). When she arrived home from work, she set a timer for 20 minutes..during which time no one was permitted to disturb her.  She used her 20 minutes to just breatheor have a cup of tea and relax, or read emails from friends, read a magazine or walk in her garden.  Mary Changed One Thing in her daily routine, and reeped unexpected rewards. She found that her communte home was less stressful because she knew she had 20 minutes waiting for her.Mary found herself refreshed and able to enjoy quality time with her family (instead of being solely task oriented with her family). She experienced other rewards as well…her family found ways to work out their usual demands on her in other ways; she slept better at night, so she was energized and focused at work and not overwhelmed by deadlines; her headaches decreased, and she finally had the time to enjoy that garden she had planted.

Finding Your Balance:  You cannot change the world, you can change one thing in your world each day, each week or each month.  What one thing will you change today?  Feel free to share your one change and the many rewards you are enjoying as a result.

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