The Wisdom of Balancing Rocks

‎”Like rock balancing, nothing is permanent in this world so why worry? Just give everything you’ve got, with what you can and make do with what’s around” (Ildefonso Vista, a landscaping artist).

While hiking in the desert, I happened upon these balancing rocks.

This gift from nature was waiting…patiently and quietly.

These balancing rocks are not permanent–they will fall and, with the guidance and imaginations of many hands, they will evolve and grow into another version of art…patiently and quietly allowing others to give, to take away.

I am not that different from these balancing rocks.  I stand planted in this sand, that is firm yet can easily give way at any moment.  Just as these balancing rocks will fall, I, too, will stumble and fall.  The challenge is remembering that stumbles are not moments of shame, but opportunities to reflect, learn and grow…opportunities to reveal your genuine self.

I am not that different from these balancing rocks.  I stand with my face warmed by the early morning sun, enveloped by the dry desert air…vulnerable to the elements. The challenge is remembering that vulnerability controls us when it is hidden in darkness…expose that vulnerability to the sun! Let the sun warm it, soften it!  Own your vulnerabilities as a part of who you are, a part of what keeps you in balance, not off balance.

I am not that different from these balancing rocks.  I stand up straight, stand my ground.  I am strong and durable, yet can crumble at any given moment.  The rocks are balancing each other.  The challenge is remembering that letting others help is not a weakness because the guidance and imagination from others are gifts that  help me find balance.

Nothing is permanent, shifts will have, we will grow and change; people will come into our lives and leave us;  relationships will gather strength and some will fade away; the unexpected will happen (whether we like it not).  The challenge is remembering that shifts are gifts that nature gives us…we can choose to look to the wisdom of the balancing rocks and try new ways of doing things, let many hands participate and let change happen…one stumble at a time.

Finding Your Balance:  Stumbles leave us feeling off-balance.  The art of balancing the stumble is in welcoming the guidance and wisdom of  those around us.  How do you welcome guidance from others?


Posted: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 @ 4:58 pm
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