Getting Started….Staying With It

“Just START…STOP over-thinking it, STOP trying to control it all …”  –JLW

For some of us, it is the Starting that is troublesome.  The Starting something new, not knowing the rules or the outcome.  The newness-factor that inhibits our ability to “just start”.  So, we think about our New Year’s Intentions with great gusto, and then shrink away from the newness, halted by the uncertainty of it all.

For some of us, it is the Maintaining.   Maintaining the motivation, the momentum and the enthusiasm to see the New Year’s Intention All. The. Way. Through to the end of the year.  By February or March, we are hanging our heads in shame like Charlie Brown, trying to forget the whole thing.

Whether you are a slow starter or a mediocre maintainer, you are not alone!  Many are with you, many have been where you are.  When feeling uncertain, we tend to turn away  from the tough stuff.  When feeling overwhelmed, we tend to shrink away from feeling so vulnerable.  Sometimes having tools to help get started and offer structure is the key.  For others, it is the community of a shared experience that keeps us moving forward.

I am sharing two tools,  valuable in both getting started and staying the course, that can help us in setting our intentions with clarity. Whether your New Year’s Intention is one word or many, Christine Kane offers her Word of the Year Discovery Tool (free tool!) and  Big Picture Classes offers a year long on-line course, One Little Word 2013 (36.00 for the year-long course!).

Finding Your Balance:  A key to Finding Your Balance is the awareness of your learning-style and doing-style.  What i s your style when it comes to starting something new, as well as, following a project through to the end.

I am excited to hear about the getting starting and the staying with your New Year’s Intentions, throughout the Year.  Feel free to share tools that have been helpful to you!

Posted: Thursday, January 17th, 2013 @ 5:43 pm
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