Falling Into It


Change is a measure of time and, in the autumn, time seems speeded up. What was is not and never again will be; what is is change. 
– Edwin Way Teale

Every year I feel it creeping up on me. That subtle shift in the rhythm of the days, the deepening of nights.

Really, what I begin to experience are the days growing shorter around me, while my to-do lists grow longer.

I am aware of  the slight shift each fall, yet am surprised when I find myself feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, with projects unfinished, and disconnected from family during this “season of the family.”   What is this shift?  The folks over at Just Minds refer to this shift as the “Fall Wall”:

“Shocktober is here. The fall brings a stress phenomenon I like to refer to as the Fall Wall. As fall approaches everything starts moving a little faster. Schedules start to fill up as kids head back to school and their extra curricular activities begin again. The holidays are looming and with them come to do lists and preparations….  Stress! All of a sudden everything feels like it’s spinning and we start repeating the mantra, “There’s just not enough time.”

Its a reminder that time is an illusion.  We cannot create more time, yet we can be mindful of how we pay attention time.  Being  present is a way we can stretch time to its fullest…being aware of the Wall’s presence, leaning into the wall, instead of the wall weighing us down.

Finding Your Balance

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
― William Cullen Bryant

The Fall Wall  is  “autumn’s last smile;” autumn’s gift to us.    You may experience the Wall as a cold and weathered mass, bearing down; an obstacle in your way to That. Perfect. Holiday. Season.  A wall is a simply boundary, reminding us that we are about to venture too far. What happens when you embrace the Wall as a gentle reminder that you have over-extended yourself?  Walls are designed to support and protect from the elements.  Imagine  that the  Wall holds you up, allows you to lean on it and breathe…just breathe?

Find your balance by being  mindful of the Wall–pay attention to the days when you are feeling that there isn’t enough time– step back and reassess your to-do list and re-focus on the things that truly matter.

How are you balancing the season?

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  1. David Diana Says:

    Thanks for this Susan. A helpful reminder to me as we get into the craziness of the holidays!

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