The Imbalance of Change


Change has a companion and its name is “imbalance.”

Whether the change is expected or a surprise; joyful or filled with sadness-change is part of our way of being in the world.

Sometimes the anticipated disruption may paralyze us and prevent us from moving forward and making that change.

Any change is accompanied by a period of imbalance–that feeling of being unsettled, out-of sorts, uncertain and uncomfortable in our own skin.  Here’s the thing: that period is temporary and is a natural part of the process of adjustment.

Madisyn Taylor speaks to the gift of  the imbalance during change in her piece Temporarily Out of Balance.

I try to remind myself  “I will adjust” and that I will live a more balanced life on the other side of change.

I am interested in hearing your strategies for regulating the imbalance of change.

Posted: Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 @ 7:23 pm
Categories: Balance, Change.
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