Balancing Acts

Internal Dialogue:  Rolling On with Change  (1.27.2012)

To begin “rolling on”, I engage in this internal dialogue to remind me that there are several pathways to affecting change in my world that are awaiting me:

Question:   What do I have control over?

Answer: I have control over what I think, feel, do and say.

Question:  Who do I have control over?

Answer:  I have control over me!

Question:    What am I feeling/experiencing/trying to avoid in this situation that is leading me to feel vulnerable?

Answer:       (fill in the blank)

Question:    What choices do I have in this situation?

Answer:       I can choose to keep expecting them to do it differently.  Or, I can create change by leaning into my feelings of vulnerability, which allows me to shift the way I think about myself in relation to them/situation.  And, gives me the space to change the way I react/respond to them/situation.


PAT Yourself on the Back (2.13.2012)

Before we can Do One Thing At A Time, we must re-focus our mind by giving ourselves a PATon the back:

1.   Prioitize: address what matters most and let the rest fall away

2.   Attend to one task or person at a time:  give that person or task your full attention in that moment and complete that task;  then move on to the next.

3.   Transperancy:  Be clear and  honest with yourself and others about your availability and time requirements


Practice Just Breathing daily:

1.  Seek out a quiet place and sit comfortably.

2.  Be aware of your breathing.  Notice the feel of breathing in and breathing out

3.  Begin to slowly breathe in deeply, feeling  the clean air entering your body and traveling throughout.  As you breathe out, empty your body of the used-up air by exhaling fully.  Your attention is on the breath..breathe in and breathe out, noticing the rhythm of your breath and feeling the air moving in and out.

4.  As your mind wanders, notice the thoughts, let them go and return to the breathing..breathe in, breathe out.  You may want to say to yourself “I am breathing in and I am breathing out.”

5.  Slowly Breathe In and Breathe Out, Breathe In and Breathe Out….Practice Just Breathing 10 minutes each day and move through your day with intention and thoughtfulness, creativity, energy and patience.